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PORTAL 2 - SCREENSHOT GALLERY 1   *   29.04.2011
Portal 2 finally came out earlier this month. I've seen mixed opinions on wheter this sequel to an absolutely amazing game is on par with its predecessor. I certainly think so, and it's actually a lot better in terms of visuals, sound and most importantly length. I've even found it to be a little more difficult, as I'd gotten stuck for 20-30 minutes in some places before I could figure out what to do, after which the answer seemed really obvious.

I've actually completed the singleplayer game last weekend, I was generally very pleased with it. The graphics look really good, even though it's not really a tech demo, HDR is very pleasant - no disgusting bloom all over the screen, and because there aren't that many shaders the image looks pretty much perfect at Full HD with AAx4 - no jaggies or flickering of any kind, which is hard to find in modern games. Most of the levels look alive, which is a very big difference compared to the first game, it's just better in every way in my opinion. It's exactly what I was counting on.

I've captured a lot of screenshots as I progressed through the game, if you haven't played it yet, maybe you'll be more excited to do so after seeing the gallery.

I played the game at 1920x1080 with AAx4 and all details maxed out, I got constant 60 FPS with a GPU usage of 30-50% (GTX 460 1 GiB). This game really has no system requirements, that's why it really surprised me that the console versions only run at 30 FPS, with the 360 version looking especially bad. I guess Valve didn't want to spend a lot of money on optimizing this game, but at least the PC port (yep, it's a port from a console version) looks awesome and works amazingly well.

The entire gallery can be found here - Gallery 1

I've added my first screenshot gallery. It contains 8 pictures taken from my favorite mission in Medal of Honor, set in the most beautiful location in the game, in my opinion.

Unreal Engine 3 games have ususally been criticised for many reason including graphics, but I see no reason to complain this time. There are places where the game looks awesome, and even almost photorealistic, as we can see in the last screenshot.

I really enjoyed playing this game, and I'll probably do it again in the future, at least the coolest levels (sniping and flying the heli was also a lot of fun).

We've seen the new UE3 tech demo trailer a few weeks ago, let's hope we don't have to wait for next-gen consoles for games to start looking like that.

The entire gallery can be found here - Belly of the Beast

EA have released the full length Fault Line gameplay video from the upcoming Battlefield 3.

The video is kind of a disappointment, as we've seen pretty much everything before. Still, it's nice to have everything in a single video, I'll probably watch it again many times, won't you?

A 1080p60 version of the trailer can be downloaded from Gamersyde. You need a torrent client to download the video, here's the link - DOWNLOAD

The third Humble Bundle is now available.

The Humble Frozenbyte Bundle

It features three well-known games - Trine, Shadowgrounds and its Survivor spin-off/sequel, as well as two unknown games - Splot, and an unfinished prototype game Jack Claw.

Profits once again go to the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child's Play Charity, as well as Frozenbyte and Humble Bundle itself. You can pay any amount of money you want, and you can split the contribution any way you like.

If only we could do that with all games. More details here -

The promised side by side comparison of the ENBSeries downscaling is here.

It's a comparison between GTA IV running at native 1280x720 resolution, and 2560x1440 downscaled to 1280x720 using ENBSeries.

I'm using the patch as it generally offers the best performance and graphics, and the least amount of visual glitches. It's also fully compatible with ENBSeries downscaling, unlike versions and newer (including Episodes from Liberty City).

The difference is clearly visible, this resolution offers AAx2-like quality. At 3840x2160 (which can be downscaled to both 1280x720 and 1920x1080) the image looks awesome, most of the aliasing is gone.
When comparing both clips with definition turned off, we can also see a huge increase in image sharpness.

You need ENBSeries version 0.079 for downscaling to work properly, it's broken in newer versions. Boris is working on version 0.082, so hopefully he'll fix it, and bring full compatibility with the latest patches for both GTA IV and EfLC.

Higher quality video can be downloaded here:
part 1 - DOWNLOAD
part 2 - DOWNLOAD
Contact me if the links are down, I can always reupload.

Epic Games have provided us with a brand new video, showing all the major DX11 features implemented in the latest version of the Unreal Engine 3.

Important DirectX features now shipping with UDK include:
- Tessellation and displacement
- Geometry shaders
- Multisampled textures
- Shader Model 5.0

High-end rendering features include:
- Image-based reflections that allow surfaces of any shape to reflect an approximate version of scenes, with varying glossiness across surfaces, anisotropic HDR highlights and anti-aliasing
- Subsurface scattering (SSS) that simulates the light that scatters inside semi-translucent materials, making character skin come alive
- Anti-aliased masked materials that super sample the edges of masked and alpha-tested materials, making character hair more look realistic than ever before
- Deferred rendering with MSAA support
- Bokeh depth of field providing close to film-quality DoF, with artist-controllable Bokeh
- High-quality dynamic shadows from many lights on the environment, such as shadows for point lights and other light sources

Thanks to Machinima for uploading the video along with this detailed description.

The updated Unreal Development Kit is also available at no charge, for educational purposes. Check out the showcase here -

***** UPDATED 08.04.2011 *****

A higher quality video in 720p60 can be downloaded from Gamersyde - DOWNLOAD

I have captured a video of me freeroaming the Seacrest County in NFS: Hot Pursuit.

DICE have made an amazingly beautiful world for this game. I think it's one of the best looking racers out there (right next to DiRT 2), and driving around for no reason is really enjoyable.

Game is rendered at 1920x1080 with all settings maxed out.
I didn't enable antialiasing in the NV control panel, as even without it I can barely keep the framerate at 30 FPS while recording (tri-core CPU). When not recording, the game runs at pretty much constant 60 FPS.
Besides, enabling AA at this resolution immediately fills up my entire VRAM (1 GiB), and it's not really vital in a game like this. Aliasing isn't distracting when driving at high speeds.

By the way, nitro powersliding FTW!

I've uploaded a new video at YouTube.

It's a comparison of the three major GTA IV PC versions - (retail), and The main differences are in shadow quality.

Version looks exactly like the console versions, especially in terms of shadow and water quality. It has better textures and higher view distance, but generally it doesn't look good.

Version is the best one in my opinion. It offers the best performance, the highest shadow setting looks really good, especially at extreme resolutions like 2720x1536 or 3840x2160. Water and reflections also look a lot better than the retail or console versions.
Version is pretty much the same, but I found it to be a little slower, while not fixing anything important.

Versions and (and all versions of Episodes from Liberty City) have been really screwed up in my opinion.
Shadows set to Medium look disgusting. Even with the High setting, the reduced LoD is very noticeable. Very High shadows look awesome, but they cripple the performance. The game isn't playable on anything less than a GeForce GTX 570/580 (textures on High, View/Detail distance at 50, the rest maxed out). Very High shadows reduce the performance by more than 50% compared to the High setting.
There are also tons of visual glitches in this versions, like shadows being drawn as we drive along, or objects LoD problems. Also, shadows aren't rendered behind us. If we look back very quickly, we can see shadows appearing in a blink of an eye.
These versions also aren't fully compatible with the ENBSeries mod. I only use it for antialiasing (downscaling), and it doesn't work. I mean the game itself is being downscaled, but the HUD or the menu aren't, and they go off the screen (we can only see 1/4 of the HUD or menu).

Please read the description at YouTube for more detailed info, as well as some useful tips.

I hope you like this video, and that you benefit from my suggestions. Soon I'll write a detailed guide on how to optimize this game, what hardware to choose, and I'll also explain the ENBSeries downscaling.

Higher quality video can be downloaded here - DOWNLOAD
Contact me if the link dies, I can always reupload.

FAR CRY - A BOAT WITH A TRAILER   *   03.04.2011
I've uploaded my first video at YouTube.

It's the only funny thing I saw in Far Cry, which I finally completed after all these years (I always got bored before). It still manages to impress me visually, it looks better than more than one modern game, even though the draw distance is rather short, and many textures are low-res (altough I think Crytek still believe it's 2004, as we can see in Crysis 2 ;) ).

I gotta say, I've found this game to be insanely hard this time around, even on the easiest difficulty, up to the point where I had to turn god mode on, because I had constantly found myself surrounded by 20 uber soldiers, or 6-7 mutants attacking me at the same time.

I don't know if that's just some kind of problem on current systems, but I really don't remember this game being this hard, I always managed to pass a few levels without problems. Maybe I'm just too used to modern console games? I don't know...

WELCOME TO THE SITE   *   01.04.2011
Welcome to my new website about gaming and hardware.

It's not so much a website, as it's more of a gaming profile of mine.

At first you'll mostly find links to my YouTube videos, as well as some more interesting info about certain games and technologies.

In time I'm planning on introducing more features, like articles, including useful guides, probably some reviews of both games and hardware, and hopefully I'll be able to come up with something that is useful, or at least fun. I don't have the whole idea at the moment, we'll see how it goes.

I just hope at least some of you like what I'm doing, and you'll find it useful. I don't want to bring you content that is available everywhere else, I'll try to do everything in a unique and interesting way, as I'm trying to do with my videos right now.

The site has a rather basic design, but it's my own, and I think everything is properly positioned and easily accessible. It also allows me to add and edit stuff really quickly, and that's important. If you have any suggestions, I'm always willing to hear you out.

See you soon, hopefully.


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