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MERRY X-MAS   *   24.12.2011
Merry Christmas.

Best wishes to all you gamers out there, many happy moments, lots of snow outside the window, and many awesome presents under the tree.

Merry X-Mas

BEEN A WHILE   *   23.12.2011
It has been a while since I uploaded or posted anything, and there are many reasons for that, mainly because I devoted most of my free time to actually playing games.

Two games took the most hours out of my life in the last two months - Forza Motorsport 4 and Battlefield 3. While the first one is a truly ingenious game, the second one is always leaving me with mixed feelings after every session.

Forza is an amazing game. It is so rich, so satisfying, so full of actually experiencing motorsport, even though it is not actually a simulation. With so many cars to choose from, so many upgrade and tuning possibilities, there is always a hunger for more races. Sometimes I play it for hours without getting bored or tired. It is an epic game, and I hope it is the ultimate racing game for this generation of consoles. We can probably expect another Forza title in two years, and I hope by then a next-gen Xbox will be on the market.

As for Battlefield 3, my first experience with it was awful. It seemed completely different from Bad Comany 2, and while I knew it was a successor to BF2, it was not what I expected. The main problem was that I had no idea how to aim in this game. All the time I would shoot all around the targets, hitting something from time to time. I tried many sensitivity settings, but nothing helped. Even though it is not really important, as it is a game based on teamwork, I was annoyed to have had a ratio of around 0.6, with most of my kills coming from vehicles.
After two months a lot has changed. I got to know the maps really well, I got somehow better at aiming, but mostly I started truly enjoying vehicles. I love driving anything, and I love flying. The jets were fine at first, now I cannot score anything with them, but the helicopters I love truly. I started with the scout ones, and got the hang of them rather quickly. It took a while longer to master the attack heli controls, but now flying them is awesome. And even better than flying them, is being the passenger, whose weapon is simply perfect for me. With a good pilot, killing with it is a pleasure, and this kind of ownage is a lot of fun.
The Back to Karkand expansion is rather disappointing. I loved Wake Island in BF1943, but it is nowhere near as fun in BF3, even though we have all the vehicles available. It is still the best map of the pack.
The new Conquest Assault mode is simply a failure. What usually happens in normal CQ when one team captures all the bases? They usually own the match right until the end. And that is the case with CQA. Most of the matches I played in this mode ended in total domination of the defending team.
The second map I like is Gulf of Oman, especially in normal CQ, because it is the biggest variation, with all vehicles. Karkand and Sharqi are terrible maps, they offer a camp-fest, nothing else.

All in all, BF3 is an enjoyable experience (most of the time), but it is far from what BC2 offered. If it was up to me, I would have waited with the release of BF3 for a year keeping BC2 alive and well. That game still had a lot to offer, especially with another map pack or something. I play it from time to time, but because of the lack of players, and friends to play with, it will slowly fade away.

Another reason for my inactivity was the fact that I decided to sell my gaming PC. I had not used it for a few weeks (since I completed Dead Island in October), and it was a good time to sell it, as prices of electronics have ridiculously gone up in Poland. I do not have any games planned for PC in the coming months, and most of the older titles I play run fine on my HTPC, especially now that I upgraded the graphics card from a HD 5450 to a HD 6570.
I am planning on building an Ivy Bridge platform next year, coupled with a 28 nm GPU, most likely from NVIDIA. We will see how it goes.

I will still try to upload and post something from time to time, I have a few console videos planned.
I am not planning on abandoning this website, and I hope you will still check it out from time to time.
See you soon, hopefully.


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