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BATTLEFIELD 3 - PAPER ... HELICOPTERS   *   31.03.2012
My tribute to Battlefield 3's vehicle laser guided weapons. They have brought me so many moments of happiness.

Of course they are not always necessary, as a precise (which means lucky) shot with your cannon might do the trick.

I wanted to use this song in a video since Bad Company 2, for a completely different concept, but BF3 turned out to offer something that fits this song even more perfectly.

I had been collecting clips for weeks, and out of dozens of them I was finally able to put this together.
I wanted to get some more cannon hits, but I just could not wait any longer.

What surprises me, is that I so rarely die in this fashion. Well, more scout pilots do use this choice of weapon these days, but I really cannot say that I was shot down by a tank more than a few times, while the number of my kills and assists is probably nearing a hundred.
CITV is your friend people, use it, or not, more fun for me. :)

Dink Smallwood is an old RPG game that originally came out in 1997. I have recently found out that an updated version has been released.

The game tells the story of a young boy, who wants nothing more than to become an adventurer. Of course he still lives with his mother, and his adventures consist of feeding the pigs and helping around the house.

Dink constantly tries to convince everyone that he is a warrior, and that all he wants is to be an adventurer. If he ever took an arrow in the knee, he would probably change his mind.
At some point Dink is forced to leave his village, and his life of adventures finally begins. He fights monsters, saves people as well as whole towns, and becomes a true hero.

It is a really good game. We have some nice weapons, meet some nice characters, we can use magic, potions and other stuff that helps us survive.

The thing I love most about this game is the music. It is really beautiful, there is a nice selection of tracks, and they are all matched perfectly to every scenario, whether we are fighting, exploring scary places, or just going about our business. Even though the music is in the midi format, it is really great.

The new HD version is available for Windows, Mac, as well as mobile devices. And it is free!
It does not really look that much different from the original, but we have smoother graphics, as well as support for virtually any resolution your display offers. Unfortunately, widescreen aspect ratio is not supported, which is a pity.

Anyway, I really recommend you try this game out. I have never been a fan of RPGs, especially fantasy and medieval, but I spent a lot of time with this game in the past, and I am really enjoying it now.

You can download the game here - Dink Smallwood HD

Finally, this day has come. Rockstar Warehouse have opened their storage facility in Europe, from which all European customers can purchase their stuff.

Those who are interested in this matter know that up until now the shipping costs from the US warehouse were enormous. In my case, it was 66 $ for even the smallest items! I have no idea what had happened, because when I ordered two t-shirts from them in June 2010, I only paid 20 $ for shipping, and I did not have to pay any extra taxes or duties whatsoever. Last year the shipping costs suddenly became awfully big, and I have been waiting for their promised European store since then.

Unfortunately, the amount of items that are available in the EU warehouse is rather low at the moment. They will probably add more stuff in time, but who knows how long that might take. What I wanted to order the most, was the RDR Collector's Pack. I really hope they do add this item before they run out of stock permanently. Two LA Noire t-shirts are available, as well as the baseball cap I want, so I just have to wait for this one item and I can finally order that stuff.

Anyway, the shipping costs are relatively low. Small orders can be shipped by mail, which costs between 4 and 8 euros depending on the country, everything else has to be shipped by UPS, for which the standard cost is 15 euros, and the express cost is between 20 and 22 euros from what I saw. This is really acceptable, especially if you can find a few other people wanting to order something.

Thanks to Rockstar for finally opening the EU warehouse, and here is hoping they make more of their cool stuff available soon.

The new Indie Royale bundle is now available. And it is a very interesting one.

For just under 4 euros (at the moment) you get 5 games:
- Hard Reset
- Jolly Rover
- Vertex Dispenser
- DLC Quest
- Lair of the Evildoer

Hard Reset is of course the most interesting game of the bunch. I am also intrigued by DLC Quest, too bad it is not redeemable on Steam.

As a bonus, if you pay more than the average, you will get a NES-inspired music album in a digital format of your choice. A nice addition.

You only have 4 more days to buy the bundle.

Rockstar Games have released another video in the Design and Technology Series, focusing on graphics and visual effects.

We can expect some really nice effects, including environment destruction like shattering glass.
We can also see very nice, seamless transitions between cutscenes and gameplay, as well as how the classic comic-like interludes work.

The major difference from previous videos I noticed was aliasing, or the lack of it. While it was visible in outer areas, it was mostly absent indoors. While I do believe the newer builds have better optimization, and we saw the RAGE engine looking better and better with every game, it makes me think if gameplay in this video comes from consoles. Maybe once again the post-process anti-aliasing is in heavy use, MLAA and FXAA are getting better with every passing day. Come to think of it, aliasing in LA Noire was also barely visible indoors. Sure, it was a different engine, but it shows that it is possible.

Anyway, I was not really considering a day 1 purchase of Max Payne 3, but with every video I am thinking about it more. After all, it is Rockstar's game, so how could it not be brilliant? Just have to finish Max Payne 1 and 2 before the release.

Codemasters have show us the new trailer for DiRT Showdown, which shows the massive destruction we can expect to see in the game.

The game certainly looks to be a lot of fun. Separating the DiRT series into two games was a very smart move on their part. I myself was very fond of every aspect in previous DiRT games, but it is still better to get one game with pure off-road madness, and another true to its rally roots, which DiRT 4 will hopefully be.

The game is out this May for all three major platforms. I cannot wait to see more videos.

WASTELAND 2 KICKSTARTER   *   14.03.2012
Fans have been waiting for this day for a long time, and it has finally come.

Now, what is Wasteland? Well, it is said to be the foundation of the Fallout series and one of the first open world games. I have never played it, and I do not really know what it is about, but I am definitely excited.

The old crew is getting together to work on the project. We have Brian Fargo, the founder of Interplay, and Mark Morgan, the composer for Fallout 1 and 2, and other guys who know best how to make a game like this.

They are asking for our help in funding the project. Any donation will be appreciated, but the more you give, the greater the rewards you can expect. Donating at least 15 $ is recommended, because that guarantees us a digital copy of the game at no other cost.
The target sum is 900 000 $, and considering they made 600k in just over a day, we can be sure the game will be developed. It is said the pre-production will take about 6 months, with the actual development taking 12 more months. We should then expect the final game to be released by the end of 2013.

It is definitely good news. Even though we do not really know anything on what the game might look like, if it is anything like the original two Fallouts, it will be a masterpiece.

You can learn more about the project, and make a donation here - Wasteland 2 kickstarter

***** UPDATED 16.03.2012 *****

The project has already received over a million dollars in pledges, so it is official. Wasteland 2 is coming.

BEEN A WHILE ... AGAIN   *   04.03.2012
The site was down for a few weeks, I do not want to bore you with the reasons, but I had some server problems and such.
While it was down, I decided to rewrite my site's code. I used an outdated table design from by blog which I had years ago, so it was time to get familiar with HTML5 specs. It introduces a lot of nice changes, and focusing mostly on CSS style sheets and DIV containers results in making changes very easy and quick.

I do not like when people change the design of a website, that is why I have not changed a bit. All I did was rewrite the code, and the site is now better optimized, which means it should load faster, providing external embeds (YouTube, ImageBam, gamercards) are not lagging at the time.

Anyway, February was an interesting month from a gamer's perspective.
I actually was not interested in any of the last month's releases (though I might pick up the XBLA Alan Wake one day), but we saw some new trailers and previews and stuff.

Firstly, I have to mention Far Cry 3. The cinematic trailer was very cool, the crazy guy is definitely becoming my personal favorite. We also saw some nice gameplay, and to make it brief, I will just say that it might just be the perfect combination of Far Cry 1 and 2, combining the open world storytelling of the latter with an action packed tropical island of the former.
I do not know if it is a day 1 purchase for me, but I definitely cannot wait to see more of this game.

PlayStation Vita was released last month, and I do not really want to write too much about it. It is a very expensive toy, and right now there is not a single game I would really want to play on that console.
There were rumors a GTA IV side-story game might be in the making for PSV, it is certainly interesting. Coupled with a really good racing game like DiRT or Gran Turismo or something, I could actually consider picking one of those babies up for myself. We shall see.

Syndicate is a game I am very interested in, the co-op part of course. I really liked the demo, and I will pick this game up someday and go through it with my friend. I will probably wait for the PC version's price to drop, and I actually have to build a PC again, I am waiting for info on Ivy Bridge and 28 nm NVIDIA GPUs.
One thing has to be said about this game - whoever was in charge of visual effects was obviously blind, or at least had serious eyesight problems. The bloom in this game is catastrophic at times, I have never seen anything like it. Hopefully someone will come up with a tweak for the PC version, because my eyes cannot take too much of that.

As for what I was up to last month, well it was not much.
I finished Old World Blues for Fallout 3, I played lots of Battlefield 3, and I got the limited edition of Forza Motorsport 2 for my birthday, which I completed a few days ago. It was a very nice game, especially considering it was four years old, but there was just something missing. Forza 3 and 4 are the perfect driving (I did not want to use the word racing here) games for me, and Forza 2 is simply a lot different, even thought it is still Forza. Anyway, the limited edition looks nice on my shelf, next to the LEs of both FM3 and FM4.
I also picked up the original Forza Motorsport for Xbox simply for my collection. I played it for a bit, and I just cannot believe how far the series has come. I was surprised to see a lot of "new" tracks in FM1, and they were all very nice. It is a pity they only chose to remaster Fujimi Kaido for the newer games, which is actually completely different in the first Forza, where it is really wide and fun to drive, while it is awfully narrow and annoying in Forza 3 and 4. I hope to see some of the other tracks from the original game in Forza 5.

Anyway, I hope some of you missed the website a tiny little bit, and that you will still visit it from time to time now that it is back up. I will try to come up with some cool stuff I could share with you, I have a few ideas, we will see how they turn out. Take care.

By the way, I went through all the sections of the website after rewriting the code, and they all seemed to be ok, but if you happen to find any errors, please let me know.


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