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F1 2012 vs. F1 2011 vs. F1 2010 - COMPARISON   *   20.09.2012
F1 2012 is here. Is it worth the purchase? That is a tough one.

First of all, what in God's name have they done to Singapore??? It was absolutely mind-blowing in 2011, and this time it looks even worse than it did in 2010. The lighting is simply awful, I cannot comprehend why they would decide to make it similar to their first version. Huge disappointment.

In case of most other tracks, the changes are cosmetic. They are slightly more polished versions of the 2011 tracks, but yes, we can call it improvement. I still believe 2010 is the best looking F1 game from Codemasters. Why? Because that is what I love about their games. I love that even though they do not look realistic, they offer a beautiful, colorful presentation. This made the DiRT series the best looking racing games ever, in my opinion.
Codemasters should decide on which road they want to take with F1. Either make it unrealistic and colorful like DiRT and F1 2010, or make it realistic and natural like Forza Motorsport, Gran Turismo and other simulators. Right now it is somewhere in between, and I am not too fond of it.

What I do like about F1 2012, is that the game finally sounds good. It is still far from what it should sound like, but it is a huge step forward. I especially like the sound design during races, all the cars' engines mix together very nicely.

The handling has not changed much. I still do not feel the car at all, I never know what to expect.
In Forza Motorsport, and even DiRT, I feel the cars perfectly. After only a few minutes with every car I know their limits and behavior. Maybe it has to do with a total of hundreds of hours I spent in those games.
In case of F1, I always play them for a few hours and then forget about them until the next one comes out. Maybe you have to put in the hours to understand the handling, but to be honest, I do not feel like it at all.
I would rather go back to Forza.

What else can you say about this game? Not much. Even though we got some new features and game modes, it is basically F1 2011 on steroids. To be honest, I think even FIFA offers more changes every year, but they are both in the same bag right now. They are both part of the hunt for money, which I am sad to see Codemasters participate in.

In my opinion, if you own F1 2011, the game is not worth the purchase, at least not right now. When the price drops to 20-30 $, you might want to pick it up if you are an F1 fan. I for some reason cannot seem to get excited about F1 games, even though I watch every Grand Prix weekend passionately.

HQ 1080p download:
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WRC 3 - DEMO GAMEPLAY   *   17.09.2012
Milestone have released the demo of their upcoming WRC 3 rally game.

The game looks to be a huge step forward, especially in terms of graphics. It is still far from Codemasters' DiRT series (best-looking racing games in my opinion), but it looks very nice.

If you are used to DiRT's handling, you will find WRC 3 rather tricky at first. Even the slightest touch of the brakes introduces oversteer, so you have to be really careful when braking, or you will spin out. Steering feels very intuitive in my opinion, although I would like to see some advanced settings for the controller (gamepad), like sensitivity and deadzones.

The Road to Glory career mode should be a fun experience. We will be getting various game modes this time around, just like in DiRT. Pure rally fans will probably not like that very much, but I definitely do.
You can try the Crash & Run event in the demo, which is just like DiRT's Gatecrasher.

The replays are also looking very nice, finally. I hope to see some cool montages from the community.

Hardcore gamers will be disappointed with the difficulty level. I played the demo using the highest setting, without braking assists, but with stability help turned on, and I had no problems winning. This means it will be a real cakewalk for those with proper driving skills, although turning off stability help will probably make it a bit more challenging.

All in all, I really enjoyed the demo, and I am looking forward to playing the full game.

The quality of YouTube videos seems to be getting worse with every passing day. I apologize. HQ download:
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