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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

F1 2013 VS. F1 2012 VS. F1 2011 VS. F1 2010   *   08.10.2013
F1 from Codemasters is back. It is definitely not a revolution, but an evolution, which was to be expected.

With F1 2013, Codemasters have gone back to the more natural and colorful look of F1 2011.
I really like the graphics, and even though Singapore in the rain looks a lot better once again, the 2011 version still wins. Those water reflections were just epic. At least the vertical rain is gone, which was a terrible failure in 2012.

The sound seems to be just a slight polish of the 2012 sound, which is not a bad thing, but F1 on TV still sounds a lot different. Maybe one day.

The game is really well optimized. It runs at mostly constant 60 FPS with a Core i3-530 @ 4.2 GHz and a GTX 660, of course in 1080p, on Ultra settings with MSAAx4.
There are some slight drops here and there (when there are many cars closely together), but it seems to be my CPU that is the bottleneck in those situations. With a native quad core CPU there should be no problems.

The coolest thing about the new game is of course all the classic stuff - tracks, cars, and scenarios.

Nevertheless, I do not think it justifies the full price they are asking for the game. In case of digital copies, there should be an upgrade program. If you own the previous version, you would get a 50% discount. If you own the version from two years back, you would get a 25% discount. Releasing a virtually identical game at full price every year is not cool at all.

Hopefully next year we will get something a lot different, when next-gen consoles are the target as well.

I might do some other comparisons, maybe replays, or graphical presets. We shall see.


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