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CRYSIS 2 - WHAT IS THIS GAME ABOUT?   *   29.07.2011
I have recently completed Crysis 2, and for the first time in my life I had no idea what was going on, straight from the beginning to the bitter end.

The following ramblings will contain spoilers, so if you have not yet played the game you should close your eyes before you continue reading.

We are introduced to the game by a nice intro movie about the alien invasion. However, that seems to be the last crystal clear thing in the entire game.

After the intro I must have fallen asleep or something, because I had suddenly found myself being chased by the military or whoever they were. Why was that? I will probably never know.

Of course while trying to fight my way through them I was repeatedly given the impression of playing with a crazy character, because of the voice in his head constantly reminding him of this very important mission he was on. I think it was a Goa'uld speaking to him, though I do not know which one, as I did not recognize his voice.

Anyway, I proudly marched on forward until the military got exchanged with aliens. That was when the game stopped being a shooter and became a stealth game. It took a whole clip worth of shooting to drop an alien, and running around looking for ammo was kind of stupid. Instead of getting frustrated all the time I decided to sneak through pretty much the rest of the game. The cloak sure did help me do that.

The weapons in the game are absolutely terrible. Remember in the first Crysis the awesome energy weapons that had no ammo, but instead featured a cool-down period? How cool was that? Playing through the alien infested levels resulted in total mayhem, which was tons of fun.
By the way, if we are remembering stuff, remember the aliens themselves? How awesome were they? Super duper far out matrix-like machines the flew all around us just praying to blow the crap out of them. Remember the levels where we had to hold the fort against a huge group of them?
And what about bosses? Well, I think we had three in Crysis 2, if we can even call them that. One outside a small store, one after defending some outpost or something, and one in the library? And it took what, like a few shots with the whatchamacallit (rocket launcher?) to drop them?
And what about the last level? For the second time we had to destroy some spores (what was that for, by the way?), then kill I think four aliens who possessed cloaking abilities, which did not help them a lot. After that it was just a matter of triggering the final cut-scene and pressing the A button a few times along the way. "I am Prophet" and bam, the end. Remember the bosses in Crysis and Warhead? How enormous were they? How long did it take to destroy them? Well, a lot bigger and longer.

So, after 8 hours of playing the game I was able to add it to my "completed" list.
Now, what if someone asked me if I played Crysis 2? I would of course have to say "duh...". What if they asked my what the story was about? Well, I would have to say "uhhhhh.....".

If you were lucky enough to figure this game out, do let me know.


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