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MAX PAYNE 3 - THE DARK SIDE OF DLC   *   06.05.2012
Rockstar have announced all the downloadable content for Max Payne 3 we can expect in the coming months. To be honest, they have never disappointed me so badly.

Their games have always been all about singleplayer. Sure, the multiplayer additions are very nice, especially when it comes to freeroam, as they make the perfect sandbox games, but they are still just additions to what matters the most.

Max Payne is also a story-based game. Even though it is linear, I am sure we can expect a solid game from Rockstar. The multiplayer actually looks solid as well, especially when we look at how they implemented bullet-time. But is multiplayer the main component of this game? I do not think so. Now, how come all the DLC we can expect for this game will be for the multiplayer? I cannot begin to understand this.
Besides, who needs six map packs? SIX? Within half a year? How many maps will there be in the retail game, two or three? Unbelievable.
The thing that always bugs me the most about DLC is the pricing. The retail game costs 60 dollars on release day. That is God knows how many years of development, lots of levels, the whole story, models, textures, voice acting, and the actual programming code. All for just 60 bucks. Now, they already have all the development tools and assets, so you could expect that creating new maps should be very easy and cheap. If it is, then how come they want to charge us over 40 dollars for all the map packs? There will be a season pass available, but it will still cost 30 dollars. That is half the retail game value, and for what?
The only thing that seems interesting is the co-op pack, but judging from its name, it will probably feature a few short missions, which you have to complete rather quickly. Still, something to actually consider.

I also have to say, that I am not a fan of shooters where all we do is run around is shoot guns. That is why I do not play Call of Duty, or Medal of Honor, or why I have never played Counter Strike or Quake (MP of course). The first online shooter I fell in love with was Battlefield, on consoles, as I was never any good with a mouse. For me, Battlefield is all about vehicles, and that is why I love it so much.
With Bad Company, we got two FREE DLC packs, one brought back the Conquest mode, and the other brought a few maps converted from singleplayer. With Bad Company 2 we had the VIP pass (free with a new copy of the game), which unlocked additional maps over the course of 9 months. The Vietnam expansion was also brilliant, a completely new experience for just 15 dollars.
Battlefield 3 also has four DLC expansions planned (B2K already released, free for pre-ordered copies of the game), but can you see how nicely spread out they are? The first expansion we have to pay for comes out 8 months after the release of the game. And it will not be just a map pack. After Close Quarters we will be getting two more huge expansion packs, every three months. Now that is the proper way to expand the multiplayer component of a game. Huge expansions with new maps, weapons and vehicles, nicely planned out throughout the year.

We had absolutely brilliant DLC for GTA IV, which featured completely new stories, with loads of new content. 40 bucks, but oh my God was it worth it. I still believe that the GTA IV episodes are the best DLC ever made, for any game, and it will be insanely hard to beat that.
Then we had Red Dead Redemption, a nearly perfect game, with mostly multiplayer DLC. We got some new modes, some new (old) characters, but nothing that would change or refresh the game. Then we finally got a singleplayer expansion, with a completely different story. And who does not like zombies? Undead Nightmare was a very good piece of DLC, and at just 10 bucks it was a must-buy.

LA Noire did not have a multiplayer component, so it was logical we would only get singleplayer downloadable content. And we did. We got four new cases, some challenges and in-game items. Nothing brilliant, but for just 10 bucks it was all good value.

When I look at all these current generation Rockstar games, and everything they have ever developed, it really paynes me to see where they are going now. In most cases, DLC is a money hunt, and with Max Payne 3, Rockstar Games have officially joined it.
I cannot wait for GTA V, and I really hope it shows what Rockstar's games are all about.


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