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MICROSOFT ARE SCUM   *   26.01.2012
I have four words for you - I ... hate ... this ... company. Yeah.

Can you believe, that after a few months the XBL account break-ins are still going on? There are cases everyday. Of course we cannot say for sure who is to blame, but Microsoft are at least partially.
Why? Because all these break-in are associated with FIFA 12, which uses an EA Account. This EA Account (also used for other games like Need for Speed or Battlefield) is created automatically when we play our first EA game. The problem is that the e-mail address and password for that account are set automatically, and they are identical to those used for your LIVE ID. You cannot change them using your console, you have to do that with an internet browser on your PC.
Now, I guess there are some exploits in FIFA 12 that allow hackers to retrieve our EA Account login data, and if they are identical to those used for XBL, they can log into our XBL accounts and change the password.
If they hack your e-mail account as well, they can even change the LIVE ID, which is pure madness.

Neither Microsoft nor EA want to take responsibility for those break-ins, and that is really pathetic. Instead they claim we do not protect our login data well enough, that we lose it through phishing or some other bullshit. They could not really get any lower.
There is actually a really simple protection solution for those who have not had their accounts stolen - change your LIVE ID and password. Microsoft could do a global password reset, and send everyone an e-mail asking them to change their LIVE IDs to increase their safety. But why would they do that? It is better to blame us, and make us look like idiots for not protecting our accounts. Way to go.

Anyway, I did not really want to talk about that. What I wanted to say was that I have been battling Microsoft for almost three months now.
Okay, they resolved my case very quickly, I got my money back and everything, but they also promised to remove FIFA 12 achievements from my profile. After several phone calls, and several promises on their side, I finally got a definitive answer - "we don't do that anymore". In the same sentence they also told me they did not offer account migration anymore as well, but why would I give a fuck? Was that supposed to make me feel better?

Well, they have screwed me over nicely. After three years of playing games and collecting achievements (no, I not play for them, but yes, I do like to get as many as I can) my profile is now wrecked with a lowly 85 GS for FIFA 12. I do not care about gamerscore, I care about completion. Even if I get the game eventually (you could say I am interested in football, and I played FIFA a decade ago), I will never get the minimum I always aim for, which is 800 GS or more. FIFA 12 has terrible achievements, unless you play the game all the time until the next one comes along.

I was really mad about that, I actually still am. On the other hand, I should probably thank them. This has cured me from trying to get all achievements in every game. I will not play BF3 co-op on hard, I will not buy car packs for DiRT 3, and I guess I will save a lot of time on future insane achievements, and probably some MSP on DLC which I would only buy for achievements (just like I did with Onslaught for BC2).
Thank you, Microsoft.


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