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Remember the PlayStation Network huge database leak earlier this year? Well, something worse seems to be affecting Xbox LIVE right now.

I myself have fallen prey to this problem yesterday. What is it exactly?
Well, I was watching a movie, and for a second I looked in my system tray to see if I got any new mail. Indeed, I did, an e-mail confirming the activation of 6000 MSP on my account. A minute or two later another one came in, confirming the activation of 2000 MSP.
I rushed to the website, where I could not log in. I started up my console, and I could not sign in to Xbox LIVE either.
I quickly checked my credit card balance, and over a 100 $ was charged, so I had to suspend the card immediately.

What I did next, was visit the LIVE password reset page. Fortunately I managed to reset the password and gain access to my account. Only 20 MSP were left (I had 4980 MSP, plus the 8000 somebody bought with my credit card). I checked the purchase history, and the only new thing purchased was a GOLD PASS for FIFA 12.

I checked the web, and it seems an awful lot of people have been plagued by this. In every case FIFA 12 appears in their profiles (with two or three achievements unlocked, as you can see on my gamercard), and some DLC is bought.

The word is that EA is responsible for this, and it affects everyone whose EA/Origin login is the same as their LIVE ID, mine was unfortunately. I was lucky enough my e-mail address is different from my LIVE ID, so the thief only managed to change my password, I did not loose the whole account, which happened for some people.

If there really is a leak, or an exploit on EA servers, or in the FIFA 12 game itself, it is a huge problem, and something must be done. I hope the whole gaming community will be talking about this, and that we get an official statement from whoever is responsible.

I contacted Microsoft, and they said it could not be their fault. They took my statement, lots of details, and said it will take a few weeks for them to complete the investigation. I hope I will get my points back, as well as the money charged from my credit card. I also asked for the FIFA 12 achievements to be removed from my profile, and they said it should be possible.

A terrible situation, I was insanely mad last night. Hopefully everything will be resolved, and some security measures be taken to stop this from happening.

You can read more about this here - LINK


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